Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two is Better Than One

Have I ever told you about my Mom? If you've ever met her, then you know she is brilliant. She is affectionately referred to around our house as Mary Poppins because she is practically perfect in every way. Well, she has once again come up with a brilliant idea. And that brilliant idea is this: We do the blog challenge together!!!! :D So she'll help buy ingredients, bake the goodies, taste the goodies, take pictures of the goodies, and fix my grammatical errors in the blog posts. :P Of course this means I'll have to give up my sole control of what music is playing in the kitchen while we bake but oh well :) The good outweighs the bad. (Mom says: "It is my kitchen after all.") I'm super excited to get started and now even more excited about the memories she and I will make.

Happy Eating,

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. Let me know if you need a tester. I am really good at it. My palate could use the practice. :)