Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stupid Cute Bouquets

My mom did my wedding flowers. They were amazing...just like her. She wants to pin them on Pinterest so I'm blogging them so she can pin from there. Never mind that I haven't blogged in who knows how long.

Here's a bridesmaids bouquet:

 Here's my bouquet:
Here's all the bridesmaids bouquets together waiting patiently for the ceremony:
 Close up of a bridesmaids bouquet:

 And here's a couple centerpieces for the tables:

 And this is me and my Daddy :) I don't have a very good close up of the boutineer:

And this is my Granny-in-law. That's probably the best close-up I have of the corsages.

More of the bridal bouquet:

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