Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Friday Night

I don't know about y'all, but around here, Friday night is homemade pizza night. Last night, I decided to shake things up and make calzones instead. It was a popular decision. It's more time consuming than pizza, but super easy and super fun.

First mix your "toppings" with some shredded mozzarella in a large bowl. I did bacon, beef, red pepper, and onion. Throw in whatever you normally like on your pizza.


Next you wanna roll some dough. I use an adapted version of Pioneer Woman's pizza dough. It'll make 8 small calzones; perfect for a large family OR! freezing 4 of the unbaked calzones for my hubby to pop in the oven for a late night studying snack. Anyhoo, roll out your dough to about this size....

Next you're gonna dump a nice handful of your toppings in the middle of your nice little circle of dough....

I don't have pictures of the folding in half part, but just fold it in half, give the top a good smash, then seal the edges. I worked at a pizza joint for several months and learned how to seal them all pretty...see? :)

Now here comes the fun part. Melt some butter, sprinkle in some garlic powder and brush the golden goodness all over the top of your calzones. Because butter makes everything better, right?

Next you're gonna want to cut some slits in the top so your little pockets of joy don't explode in the so:

Now, pop them into a really hot oven. Like, we're talkin' 500 degrees, hot. Don't forget to set your trusty owl timer. My calzones took 10 minutes.

They are done when the cheese is all melty inside and they look perfect and golden, like dis....

Then cut them in half and serve with your favorite pizza sauce for dipping. Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

Go make them. Right now. Your husband will kiss you for it. Ask me how I know.

Happy Eating,

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