Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blueberry Goodness

Thanks to my awesome brother-in-law, I have some pretty sweet pictures to post and a fun title. :) This is the perfect dessert if you want good old fashioned pie for a crowd. And homemade ice cream goes splendidly with it....what doesn't go splendidly with ice cream?....Don't answer that

Blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, salt.....

Mixed by the lovely Sister :)
I had to remind Matt to take pictures of the baking since that's what this blog is about. He got distracted by his beautiful wife and his fancy new camera.
Ahhhh, the most important ingredient of any recipe.
????Chicken????....Like I said, Matt kept getting distracted....

Making the crust. The recipe for this crust is essentially the same as the apple pie crust only it makes more so it can fit in a jelly roll pan.

Again, food processors are awesome.

And yes I am still in my pajamas. And no my clothes don't match each other or the apron. Do I care?

The lovely Ashley assisting by getting the pastry board for me to roll the dough out on.

A cool shot that I just wanted to post cause it's cool.
Poppy and Ruth Anne came to see how the pie was coming. :)

Doing a few dishes and...smiling??

Yes that is a tape measure..also courtesy of matt's.

Don't mess with me.
The dough was not cooperating....
But I showed it who was boss and managed to get it in the pan without tearing it. WOOT!
Add the blueberries...

Rolling out the top dough....

Pinching the dough. A certain photographer was fascinated by this part and I had to weed through like 20 pics of me just pinching the dough.
Poking the dough.
Brushing the crust with whipping cream.

I sprinkled it with sugar and threw it in the oven :)

And this beautiful thing came out of the oven. Then we cut it up, and put homemade ice cream on top, and then savored every single wonderful bite. Sigh.

Happy Eating,

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