Monday, September 26, 2011

Epic Fail Post #1

My previous blog had several of these, "I'm sorry I'm such a horrible blogger, I'll do better this time and post more often-er" posts. I am no longer in denial that I will change my ways. Instead I shall just warn you now that this is a blog phase. They hit from time to time with no warning. I will slack off again. But as Julia Child would say, "Never apologize!" So I shall join the ranks (assuming there are others like me) of Sporadic Bloggers and where the badge with pride. As with all Sporadic Bloggers, I have an excuse as to why I slacked off. My excuse is long work hours. However I hope to change that this afternoon, to be precise, and I shall bake (& blog) again!  How long this phase will last, no one can say. Only time will tell.

And by the way, I tend to burst into British accents without warning in my everyday speech. In fact, I even type with a British accent in my head from time to time. So whenever you read this blog, please read it with a British accent for the full effect. No, I'm not British but who cares? :) Anyhoo, hope to see you again soon, Blog world!

Happy Eating,

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  1. I love a good British accent. One night on the cruise we sat with some people from England. There was one older lady that kept us laughing. I found myself wanting to talk with "the accent"; however they might not have found it amusing. Then another night I went to one of the variety shows and sat by 2 English women.....they were also quite funny. I do believe the Brits know how to enjoy themselves.