Friday, November 18, 2011

Venice Baby

A few years ago I worked as a counselor at an all girls camp in North Carolina. I taught cheerleading (don't laugh) and track (don't laugh). But that's beside the point. The point is, while I was there I met this super fun, creative, funny, crafty, girl and her two daughters. They did the arts and crafts class and we stayed up till 2 in the morning one night watching Pride and Prejudice and chatting it up about everything. Any-hoo, since then she has moved to the Nashville area and we go to the same church and my family has really clicked with her family and we've all become awesome friends. Did I mention she's SUPER talented?? She sews, she makes chandeliers,  she makes paper flowers, and bunny rabbit banners and I know not what! O and her lamp shades ARE SO CUUUUUTE! There is currently one in our living room. Long story short: She makes stupid cute stuff. And I think you should check out her blog and go buy something. She's got some ADORABLE stockings that would make super cute gifts or additions to your fireplace this Christmas.  Her name is Shulamith and her blogspot is called Venice Baby and you should go there right this second. Before you even finish reading this post.

Disclaimer: Shulamith did not ask me to post about her awesomeness. I just wanted to because I think she's awesome.

Happy Shopping,

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  1. She is so super awesome, as is the poster of this post...or would you be the postee? Anywho, love you and love reading your blog words!