Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thankful For...

This list is late, but better late than never. Just a few of God's blessings on my life the past several days:

-it working out for me to spend a few days in Nashville with my Mom
-lunch breaks with the hubby
- owl city playlist
- trying new recipes
- getting a lot accomplished in a short amount of time
- unexpected baby gift in the mail
- the way William grins from ear to ear when I kiss his chubby cheeks
-a great visit with Mom making cards, talking, laughing, staring at William, and chillin on the back porch
- getting to be at RBC prayer meeting
- Memorial weekend with Granny Sommers, Dad-in-law, and Brother-in-law
- Getting to watch Dad-in-law cross the finish line at the Cotton Row Run
- Going geo-caching with the Hubby and Dad-in-law and finding 2 of them!
- my chiropractor
- my Hubby being a HUGE help while my neck what out
- reasons to be thankful despite a really crappy week last week
- a lazy Saturday to do nothing
- the beginning of a new week
- William taking a nap at church
- God's never failing love and grace despite my repeating the same mistakes over and over again
- meals thrown together from random pantry items that turns out to be super yummy
- Ben being on Daddy Duty so I could go grocery shopping by myself
- William's first real giggle :)
- joy in my role as a wife and mother
- phone conversations with Mom, Dad, and Ross
- pajama days

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