Monday, May 20, 2013

Thankful for...

- a hubby who does dishes :)
- lists
- recovery from a cold that made me feel like I'd been hit by a truck
- my son not catching whatever it was I had
- chicken and rice soup
- pajama pants
- the blessing of getting to be a stay-at-home mom
- hot tea
- little smiles brought on by chanting patty cake, patty cake over and over again :)
- going down memory lane, remembering how Ben and I became friends
- an extra hour of sleep
- kleenex with lotion
- sappy love songs
- finding wedding day pictures that I forgot I had
- not having to share my husband with homework!
- chalkboards
- lazy Saturdays
- playing cards games with the hubby
- laughing together
- dinner with friends at our favorite pizza joint
- encouraging e-mails
- I can believe that God is working ALL things together for my good.
- not having to buy diapers for a while thanks to last weekend's baby shower
- a year of marriage to my best friend
- the many ways God has provided for us in that year
- the many things God has taught us through marriage
- having a fun anniversary despite the change in plans
- silly photo booth pictures
- getting turned lose in a cooking gadget store and my husband saying "Here's your budget, go get what you want"

Dizzy with gratitude,

P.s. I just read through this list again, and I always seem to be really thankful for food and sleep. Hmmmm...

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