Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stupid Cute Cards

When I was little, I was always looking for new ways to make money. I would rub my dad's feet for a quarter, wash cars, and any other odd job that I could find. One time I even set up my sea shell collection on my desk and tried to charge people to walk into my room to see my 'Sea Shell Museum". When my sister tried to come in once, I stopped her at the door and pointed to the sign I had colored and posted on my door. She took one look, rolled her eyes, and said, "I ain't payin you a dollar to walk into your room!". Needless to say that money making idea needed some work.

As I got older, that little entrepreneurial spirit hung around and to this day I still try to think of fun ways I can make a little extra cash. Thinking of ways to make money and actually doing them are two different stories. Usually, I think of them, but don't act on them. Or if I do, I lose interest. Middle Child Syndrome. BUT! you will be happy to know that I have followed through and today I opened my shop Stupid Cute Cards on Etsy! :)

 Now before you go to the store, I must warn you....there ain't much in it. Ok, by not much I mean one item. There were two items, but my awesome sister already bought something. :) I could have waited to make more cards before opening up so my store would be well stocked, but part of Middle Child Syndrome is impatience. But by all means, go check it out, and tell all your friends, and buy stuff. :)

Happy shopping,

Also, while you're on Etsy, go check out my Aunt Cheryl's new shop, Pennants and Pinwheels. She's got cards, and cute hair bows, and I know not what!


  1. Aw, you're so sweet to give my etsy shop a shout out! MCS...gotta love it! :) LOVED your Sea Shell Museum story! Sorry I missed that one...I would have given you $2! :) Love you!

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