Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thankful For...

I'm the wife of a college student. This means we aren't exactly rich. This means I work hard to pinch pennies on the grocery bill, and my hubby works whenever he's not in class or doing homework. By the world's standards, we is poor. But, I know that we are very rich. God has blessed us with so much more than we need or deserve. In an effort to remember this more often, I'm going to start a weekly "thankful" post. I plan to post said posts on Monday, but this week it's gonna be on Tuesday, because I said so.
Without further ado, here is this week's list of richness:
-giant,toothless grins
-phone calls with Mom
-Ben getting an unexpected raise at work
-unexpected blessing of getting to move out of married student housing in July in stead of December
-and getting to move into a rental house, rather than another apartment
-yellow polka dot coffee mug
-chicken pot pie!!!
-a baby that takes good naps
-Facebook chat that allows me and Sister to talk on and off all day
-surprise coffee and cheesecake from my sweet hubby :)
-a day to spend at my Grandma-in-laws visiting, doing laundry, and making cards
-the precious relationship I have with my Grandma-in-law
-a good report at William's pediatrician appointment, a healthy, big boy :)
-the fact that he didn't cry the entire time we were there
-God's protection on our trip to and from Nashville this weekend
-grace to be patient with a baby who was off his routine
-the blessing of so many friends who came to my baby shower
- the ridiculous amount of gifts they gave me/William
-the hard work my Mom and Aunt Cheryl put into planning it
-my first Mother's Day
-new hair cut!
-the blessing of a super close relationship with my Mom
-a dozen chocolate with sprinkles Kripsy Kreme donuts that my husband brought me for my Mother's Day present
-coffee and prayer on the deck Sunday morning with my father-in-law
-getting to be in church at RBC this Sunday
-conviction of my lack of compassion for the lost souls that I come in contact with every day
-not having to cook dinner last night
-some brief one on one time with my little brother this weekend
-So. Many. Diapers.