Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Family Date

Ever since summer started I've been wanting to go to the Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville, to see the butterflies. They have one of those giant, net covered green houses full of flowers and butterflies. Fact: I LOVE butterflies. It's nothing close to my owl obsession, so please, don't go out and start buying me everything butterfly.

Anyhoo, my sweet hubby knew I was getting a small case of cabin fever, cooped up in the house all week so he took me to see the butterflies this morning. :) It wasn't quite what I expected. I had romantic notions of swarms of brilliantly colored butterflies landing on my nose and hands, and having to watch where you walk because there are so many of them....yes, I watch too many movies. It wasn't like that. However, there were still a lot of butterflies and it was still really fun. They were beautiful and I even got one to land on my finger. Sadly, Ben couldn't get the camera out fast enough to get a picture of it.

William hung out in his stroller the whole time, more interested in his own feet than the colorful flying things. I defintely want to go back when he is older. They have all kinds of cool stuff for kids that I wanted to do but couldn't justify doing without a child, otherwise all the other parents would be staring at me like I was a crazy person. We did, however, go through one of the water misters they have around the gardens to cool off. He didn't like that very much. It was also past nap time.

After the butterfly house, we walked on some of the paths looking at some of the plants and trees and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Little Man soon began to protest the hot weather/sweaty car seat combination, so we promptly headed home. I snapped a few pictures while we were there for your enjoyment.

Thanks, Hubby, for the family date!  And thank you, William for falling asleep as soon as we got home.


                                                                 I have wings! :D

                                                          Trying out the hammocks...

                                    Baby in a hammock...don't panic I was right there beside him.
                         Daddy in a hammock...had a hard time getting him out of the hammock.
                                                                   GIANT chair!
                                                                   Ben is giant chair. :)

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  1. Ben in that giant chair is just a riot! so fun - glad you got to have a little family outing :)