Friday, August 23, 2013

Stupid Good Quote

Earlier this week I ran across this quote while browsing Pinterest, "Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life". I know I don't have a bad life, but how many times during a tough week do I act like it? Like, take this week, for example. William has decided nap time is not for him anymore, so this week has been mostly devoted to changing his mind. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm pretty sure my hubby secretly wants to move to the rooftops. :P But good grief, Jessie Rae, it's just one week. One bad week out of countless good weeks. And in the grand scheme of it reeeeaaaally that bad? No. It's not. Here's why: (excuse me while I preach to myself)

- I have a loving, patient Savior who had the ultimate "bad day" so I didn't have to.
- Despite his horrible napping, William has been the same cheerful, smiley, bouncy boy
- My husband. My hero. Even though he has plenty on his plate, he keeps asking me over and over again, what he can do to help, all the while making corny jokes to try to make me smile. :)
- a roof over my head
- Food. Yummy, healthy (sometimes not healthy), filling, plenty food
- Telephones. I have the ability to call friends and family anytime I want. Which is the biggest blessing ever when I need advice from my mom. Or when I need to chat with my Sister and just laugh for a few minutes. Or when I need to hear my husband's voice in the middle of a long day.
- At the end of a long day, there is a super comfy bed and a fluffy body pillow I can collapse on
- The invention of this thing called, coffee. I mean, really.

I could go on and on. God has richly blessed me and I have every reason to be thankful and joyful, despite what kind of week I am having. What I don't have, in any excuse to complain.

If you're reading this post, thanks for reading. I'm mostly just talking to myself and decided to type in out just in case, someone else out there was having a rough week and needed reminded of how good they really have it.


P.S. What I Learned in August blog post coming soon

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  1. I meant to comment earlier and got distracted...but yes I'd agree, and I fall into the same "woe is me" condition all too easily. I tend to forget the many days and nights of blessings when I'm having that really bad day. Thanks be to God for all His mercies day by day!

    Thanks Jessie and miss you guys much :-)