Friday, June 27, 2014

A List, A picture, and A Yard Sale

A list:
1) My husband did my dishes last night. I love him forever. Amen.

2) William has started trying to eat with a fork. Stop growing. Just stop it.

3) Coffee. That is all.

4) Our apartment window looks out onto the backyard of an elderly couple that has a beautiful garden. I wonder if they know how happy it makes me, when I open my blinds on a sunny summer morning to see all their pretty flowers.  Or maybe they've seen me staring down upon their garden in my pajamas....eeks. Maybe they think I'm a stalker....sorry neighbors.

5) Right now, I am currently addicted to Greek yogurt with honey and vanilla and granola and strawberries. I usually have it for second breakfast. Normal people have second breakfast, right?

6) Today, I am praying for a deeper desire for God and His word.

7) See #3

8) I am currently listening to the Frozen soundtrack. Because I'm obsessed, that's why.

9) This post was interrupted by the worlds worst poopy diaper, that was followed by a bath, that was followed by a 2nd cup of coffee.

A picture:
This is my, Mom. She's also one of my bestest friends in the while wide world. Ain't we gorgeous? We were eating yummy wild cherry snow you would have never guessed.

A Yard Sale!:
There's a yard sale tomorrow morning at my apartment complex! I am going to have a two tables chock full of stuff! Clothes, electronics, scrapbooking stuff, a bit of fabric, and a bunch of other odds and ends. Come check it out! It's at Preston Run Apartments in Goodlettsville from 7-12!


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