Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Craft Nook (Part 1)

Our apartment has a cute little nook when you first walk in the door that is technically intended for a dining room area. It's a little too cramped for our big table or when company comes, so we have our table in the sun room. So now I have this cute little space to do whatever I want with. Yay! Right now it's got boxes of office stuff, craft supplies, and wall decor lining the walls.

The plan is to spruce it up to be my craft nook. I would LOVE a dedicated space to make cards/wrap presents/scrapbook. I also have aspirations of reopening my Etsy store (maybe).So yesterday, my hubby picked up a table I saw on Craigslist, and I'm planning on cleaning it first (cause it's gross), then painting it, and using it for my craft table. I thought it would be fun to document the very slooooooow process that it will be of turning the junk nook into my craft nook. So without further ado, here is your first peek:

I want to paint at least one wall chalkboard, cause I'm obsessed. And I'd love to get some peg board and hooks for hanging some of my gadgets where the Little Munchkin can reach them. Anyhoo, there ya have it. Excuse me while I go on Pinterest and look at craft nooks.



  1. Yay for crafting! I still have a bunch of craft stuff to give you! Also, I have a huge framed peg board that I'm no longer using if it would fit your space and you like it (you could actually paint it if you wanted to match your table or whatever--it's currently yellow). Here's a link to what it looks like when I was using it...back when I had my own craft space...sniff, sniff.
    Let me know if you need exact measurements
    Love you!

    1. That is STUPID cute! I would be MORE than happy to take that off of your hands! And YELLOW!!!???? COULD IT BE MORE PERFECT!!! THANK YOU!!