Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Cider, Birthday Girl, and Cardinals

Today is my niece's 1st birthday :) Hard to believe for sure. I went shopping for her present today....while she was with me. Great plan I know, but it's not like she'll remember what it is. I got her a sock money and an adorable owl shirt. :D For those of you who know me at all, that's not surprising since I am obsessed with owls. A quick looksie at my Amazon wish list will testify to that. On our way to the store for Ruth Anne's present, her momma and I stopped at a local coffee shop and she bought me a Caramel Apple Cider....Oy. The Bucks of Star ain't got nothin on these folks. It was, in a word, epic. Stupid Good at it's stupidest.
Have you ever tried going shopping with a ridiculously adorable 1 year old??? You get stared at like mad from people going, "OMG that child is so freakin cute!". It's rather entertaining.
Currently we're watching the second game of the world series...GO CARDINALS! I've decided that people are desperate these days for good commercials. Most of them are pretty dumb. Matt seems to really love the local commercials the best...Not. :P
This week has been super fun. I've spent the entire week with my Sis and my Bro-in-law, and my Niece. We've ate, we've drank, we've been merry, we've watched Lost, we've laughed, it's been fun. :) But, I miss my family and It'll be nice to go home and get back to normal life. :)


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