Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. House Robe

I have a best friend. I always travel with him. I have him handy at all times. I would be lost without him. His Mr. House Robe. He is fleece and burgundy. He is warm and cozy. He is always there when I need him, when I'm cold and want a blanket but don't feel like carrying a blanket around, Mr. House Robe, is just like a blanket to me. Every morning I wake up, I yawn, stretch, pop my collar bone (don't ask me why it pops but it just does), I roll out of bed, and I walk to the hook on my bathroom door where Mr. House Robe is ready and waiting like a faithful friend. Come to think of it I go find Mr. Robe before I go get Mr. Robe is even more important than I realized until now....
Mr.Robe has his flaws, don't get me wrong. He has no pockets and the tie isn't adjustable, but I still love him. :)


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