Monday, October 31, 2011

A Handsome Pirate, Some Candy, and a Stupid Hoop Skirt

Reasons why I like Halloween are as follows:
-Ya get to dress up (and who doesn't love a fun costume?)
-The opportunity to get together with friend who also like candy and dressing up in fun costumes
-An excuse to eat insane amounts of candy
-The opportunity to use accents
-Did I mention candy yet?

This Halloween weekend was especially fun :) I went to a costume party with Ben.....who's Ben you ask? Only the most awesomest, handsomest, sweetest guy ever! *refrains from gushing further*  We went to the RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) costume party at his college. He was Jack Sparrow and I was Elizabeth Swan.....see?

Ain't we cute? :) We won Best (couple) Costume and I won Prettiest Costume. The RUF leader's little daughters were smitten by my dress and followed me everywhere.I borrowed the dress from my friend Carmen and her sister Gen provided the hoop skirt. Have you ever worn a hoop skirt? I pity you if you have. They are ridiculous! I couldn't fit through doors, or crowds of people, and getting in the car was quite an ordeal. We won't go there. Ben's costume was courtesy of local thrift stores at the last minute because he had no idea I was coming....I love surprises. :) I had already bought the long Jack Sparrow wig at Wal-Mart which was kinda scary seeing him in long hair, but it definitely added to the costume. He had a nerf sword already and one of his friends helped us rig up a scabbard made of duck tape...huzzah for the nerd college. We also scrounged up a jar of dirt (movie reference), however he dropped it in the parking lot before we even had a chance to get to the party :P But it still looked really cool with his costume. Anyway, the party was super fun and the other costumes were really creative. There was a Death Eater, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Mayhem from the All State commercials, Cardinals players, a lady bug, and Tinker Bell and a bunch more I can't remember. The guy who was doing the costume judging had a judges robe and an awesome white wig made out of cotton balls. It was super fun and we ate lots of candy and danced and took pictures and just generally goofed off. :)

Best Halloween party EVER. I vowed to never wear that dress again, however, I'm breaking the vow tonight to give out candy to the kids in our neighborhood, but after that.....never again.

Addicted to Candy,

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  1. Umm this has to be like the cutest picture ever. You guys look great!!